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Yes, I giggled a little bit too when I said it out loud. But you know what, this FREE online comic is worth a look. It is a Kirby-esque origin story that made me wish there was a second ish ready. Benito Gallego does an outrageously good job of bringing this “comic within a movie” alive. I know Gallego from his fantasy art work, but with this project he shows he can play in the superhero realm just as well. The story written by Milo Miller and Ted Sikora is a modern PG-13+ (language and innuendo) version of a classic heroic melodrama. This comic would be worth buying, let alone getting to read for free.

Check it out here!

This comic is a film tie-in to
Hero Tomorrow (from Swinging Cane Productions), one of the best indie dramas I have seen in recent years. When all is said and done, Hero Tomorrow is a fantastic comic-book-themed movie that outdoes the vast majority of mainstream movies that are marketed towards the fanboy and girl (and yes, Kick Ass, I’m looking right at you)

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Superhero From Award-Winning Film Makes Online Debut in Free Comic- Hey World, GET READY FOR APAMA!

The first issue of “Apama- The Undiscovered Animal” is available to read free online at The web comic is a new ongoing series that will publish on a quarterly basis, with issue 2 already finishing production for an anticipated October release.

The character Apama made his debut at San Diego's Comic Con International in the independent feature film Hero Tomorrow. HT has been an international film festival sensation, screening at festivals everywhere from New York to Montreal, Rome, Brazil and Australia.

In the Cleveland based film, David is a struggling comic book artist who can't sell his original superhero idea, Apama, to a publisher. His girlfriend, an aspiring costume designer, makes him an Apama costume for Halloween. Once David's life goes to pot, he embarks on various misadventures dressed up as his own superhero.

The comic book version of Apama is a realization of what David would have created had he succeeded in his comic book career. So it's a fresh start for new readers and no knowledge of the film is required to enjoy the comic.

Apama is also done in a style that's an homage to comics of the 70s. Apama creator Ted Sikora explains. “We're attempting to create a book that gives us the same feeling we had reading comics growing up. It’s really a valentine to the classic 70’s bronze age of comics, which is why finding the perfect artist was so important.”

"We put an ad out for an illustrator on the website and to our shock over 100 artists from all over the world applied for the project. It was tough to narrow it down, but Spaniard Benito Gallego was our ultimate choice."

"Benito's art really had that timeless flavor - you look at it and can't say when it was created." says Sikora. "His page layouts give the story a very seamless flow. He draws beautiful females, and does wonderful work with architecture. In the past he had done quite a bit of animal-monster themed comic art, so he was a great fit."

Says Gallego of the project, "It's a very mature approach to the superhero genre, It goes from comedy to horror passing through romance. There are references to spiritual knowledge, ethnicities, culture, religion, and mythology."

“Outside of Howard the Duck I can’t think of anyone else who heroed it up in Cleveland, Ohio,” enthuses co-writer Milo Miller. “It’s a lot of fun working on a book with some real local flavor. Lebron James? Who needs him, C-town is gonna belong to Apama!”

The DVD for Hero Tomorrow, which has over four hours of material, is currently available for purchase on the film's website and iTunes. Both the film and comic book are intended for mature audiences.