Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Miss Jocelyn Wrzosek

We held auditions at North Coast Central Casting on January 24th, 2004, and were amazed and extremely appreciative for the large crowd of talented actors that tried out for HT. The character of Robyn was very tricky to cast for many reasons – one of the biggest was she had to look like she belonged in a comic book shop (and that’s not just clothing, hair, and makeup - that’s lifestyle type stuff.) Midway through the day I took a quick peek at the crowd waiting downstairs. I remember seeing Jocelyn, and my immediate thought was, “Wow – I hope to God she can act.”

She of course nailed the audition, we did a callback, gave her a script, and spent the next week panic stricken waiting for her to accept the part.

Throughout the whole process – basically a year of shooting – she was a delight to work with, and brought many intangibles that would have been impossible to script. We recently had to finish some voice recording (ADR) with our dear Jocelyn as she has relocated this week to the city they call Vegas in pursuit of more acting and performing gigs. It’s sad to see her go, but I know it’s going to be great for her, and fantastic for every project with which she becomes involved.

Thank you Jocelyn, for all your hard work, trust, and professionalism. By the way, Milo suggests you drop some MAJOR coin on the Seahawks.

Taking the month and a half off around the holidays really helped gain some perspective on the project. January hit, and I truly feel rejuvenated - over half the scenes have been enhanced and tightened, and our running time now is a svelt 98 minutes.

With ADR we’ve been having a great time tweaking voice performances and fixing areas where we were unable to get clean audio on location. Last week we had Perren, Brian Jalovec, and Tony Zavarella come down to work on some pieces. We’ll be getting in touch with several other cast members for more of the same in the next couple weeks.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lilian Tyrrell Retrospective

My wife (Diane Davis-Sikora) and I had the privilege of shooting and editing an interview video for Spaces Art Gallery with an amazing artist from Ravenna by the name of Lilian Tyrrell. Mrs. Tyrrell does gorgeous, challenging images, intricately woven in yarn, which truly have to be seen in person to be believed. The image on the flyer doesn't nearly give you a sense of the scale and detail. If you have a chance, please take some time to see the retrospective of her work. It’s a powerful and inspiring show - check those notions of 'tapestries being all warm and cozy' at the door.

Details can be found here.

BONUS: Notice the brick street next to the gallery where we shot a scene with David and Robyn.