Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Musical Composing technology sure has changed in the last five years – all for the better. My Akai S5000, which in its day was one of the most badass samplers on the planet, is darn near ready for the curb. A fairly new software program called Konakt by Native Instruments runs circles around it. I LOVE it.

The most kickassest thing of all is I can now play guitar directly into the computer and it will sound like any instrument – very cool. There’s a video showing how this works here - BrianMooreGuitars. Check out the synth pickup link. And while this all may sound well and good, the downside is it’s very easy to get distracted. Questions pop into your mind like “How does MACK THE KNIFE sound on a church organ?” or “Does THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA maintain its original integrity when hummed by an African voice choir?” But there’s no time for that. Must keep editing, scoring, effecting – too many people have worked too hard on this film. Play time will come later, yes play time will come la - wait - how about HOT FOR TEACHER on a glockenspiel?! ; - l

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Congrats to Hero Tomorrow’s Production Manager Rob Sikora. He and his sweetheart Mindy tied the knot this past Saturday and threw a fantastic reception in Broadview Heights. All in attendance were also treated to a Sax-O-Tromba Reunion. (Sax-O-Tromba is the band whose music is heard in the trailer.) On a related note, our technical supervisor Joe Reboudo, also a Tromba alum, shocked the world when he, being formerly the bassist, grabbed the lead guitar and nailed the solos to My Sharona and Jump Jive and Wail. It was great fun. Rob and Mindy, we wish you the very best.