Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mr. Perren Hedderson

When the role of David became available we put out calls to everyone we knew. Ali Hernon, who at the time was cast as ROBYN’S MOTHER, gave me several names - one of them came with the disclaimer “The only thing about him is he’s got these huge dreadlocks.” I instantly remembered Perren from James Levin’s and Linda Eisenstein’s Cleveland Public Theater Production of “DISCORDIA” which was a very cool show.

We auditioned Perren and he won us over pretty quickly. Months later I found out that I had also seen him some seven years ago at Near West Theatre’s production of Sweeny Todd where he played Tobias.

[ Incidentally, the first day we were supposed to shoot with Ali Hernon we had a technical malfunction and had to reschedule. Ali became immersed in directing Bad Epitaph’s Othello production and was unable to do our project. As we were desperately searching for her replacement, Rick Montgomery (who plays DAVID'S FATHER) coincidentally sent me a trailer to a short film he had just completed called “Greasy Lake.” Near the end of the trailer - in a flash – Shelley Delaney - “OMIGOD! That’s Robyn’s Mother!” You can see that trailer here - Greasy Lake

Where was I? Ah yes, Perren and his family have been involved for years with the NEAR WEST THEATRE, and he currently has the lead role (JESUS) in their version of GODSPELL. This is a great chance to see a fantastic actor up close and personal. Details here:
Near West Theater

Hope to see you there ;-l

In other news:
Thursday night was the final Cleveland myley show. The company is relocating to Toronto where, among other things, co-founder Keisha Redley, has landed a recurring spot as a style juror on ”Style by Jury”, the W Network’s #1 Television show in Canada. She is responsible for deliberating on the makeover victim before the actual makeover. Best wishes to Keisha and Patience. Mucho Gracias!

Friday, November 04, 2005

A Night at the MOCA

Thanks so much to all who attended and took part in the MOCA event. It was a killer night kicked off by another sleek MYLEY show. I’m continually amazed at how designers Patience Myricks and Keisha Redley put on such high quality/quantity showcases as often as they do. This was also the first time I got to watch one of their shows without shooting it and it was delightfully stunning. Alexandra Underhill followed with a wild and groovy fashion show of her own. Xan’s costumes and outfits are truly from another world. Her style is carnival meets business-world meets Tim Burton, and the show was wicked cool.

Then came the first forty minutes of HERO TOMORROW – a somewhat nerve-wracking experience to be sure - made easier by overwhelming positive feedback. It was a great opportunity for us to see how things were working in front of a larger audience, and beyond that, it was just a blast hanging out with everyone.

We were very honored to be featured at this event, and huge thanks must go to MOCA coordinator - Jude Goergen. Luckily we got some photos along the way courtesy of my bro, Kurt Sikora.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

America's Sweethearts - Jocelyn Wrzosek & Perren Hedderson

Ray McNiece and Alexandra Underhill

MYLEY designers - Kiesha Redley & Patience Myricks

Bryan Jalovec and Larry Zjaba

Founders of the Faithfull Fraternity of The Squid - Gary Stephan & Rich Klink.

Myley Show

Mr. Bonk

Art of Xan

Carolina Ortiz

Bass Beer - Works every time.