Friday, July 28, 2006


We had an amazing time at Comic Con 2006, and were thrilled to be part of the Independent Film Festival. It was an fantastic opportunity to showcase our movie along with some excellent work from other filmmakers. With it's huge attendance, media attention, and comic book focus, the Con was the perfect place for Hero Tomorrow to launch it's festival run.

I thought the screening went well - even though the picture quality wasn't ideal -people seemed to enjoy HT which really is the most important thing. The Q & A that followed was fun, and a big thanks to everyone who attended and spoke with us afterwards. On the PR side we got coverage from Newsarama, ManiaTV, G4TV, IFC, Alter Ego Comic Cast, Comic Geek Speak, PopCultureShock, HeroSpy, BamKapow, Komikazee, World Famous Comics, and ScurvyDawg among others. It was no doubt a good start to getting our publicity machine in motion.

Beyond all that – just going to the Con for the first time was incredible. Aside from the being a fan of it all - it's really a perfect place to network. We met a lot of people in the film biz, and were also able to reconnect with many of the comic writers, artists, and creators that helped us along the way. Guys like Mark Wheatley, Bob Burden, Chris Yambar, Richard Starkings. I also met one of my idols - artist Neal Adams, and was extremely shocked to see Electro. (ooh sorry about that)

One of the highlights had to be meeting with Chris Gore. Chris really is the ambassador of Indie Filmmaking. He literally wrote the book on Film Festivals, and started the magazine and website Film Threat back in the 80s. We had a chance to chat with him at the Con, and he, being a judge of the festival, had some really great advice for us. Chris also hosts the segment DVDuesday on Attack of the Show, and we’re very grateful that he included us in his top picks from the festival.

Thanks to everyone who helped us out in San Diego. Thanks to the CCIIFF for all the work in setting up the screenings. Hope we're back next year!

His work and the work of his friends are all over the Hero Tomorrow Shop - Creator of Frankenstein Mobster, Radical Dreamer, & Hammer of the Gods - Mark Wheatley. Sitting behind him is writer/artist Marc Hemple.

Now appearing on MySpace - Milo
Another guy who helped us out in a big way - creator of Flaming Carrot and Mystery Men - Mr. Bob Burden.
The Legendary Neal Adams.

Mr. Rob Sikora in the HT-T
No, my name's not baby it's Joe E. Reboudo - Joey Bear if you're nasty.

Kurt's Flint Marko impression

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Attack of the Show

I got in late last night. A full report from the Con is forthcoming.

Meanwhile, if you have the G4 Network be sure to catch ATTACK OF THE SHOW which airs tonight . Hero Tomorrow is included in Chris Gore's top picks from the Comic Con Film Fest.

The clip is on the G4TV website.
Click on 'Comic Con 06 Edition of DVDuesday'

Comic Geek Speak Interview

Right before leaving for San Diego, Milo and I did an in-depth podcast interview with Peter Rios of Comic Geek Speak. Our segment starts at about 41 minutes .

Click here to listen - Episode 160

Thursday, July 13, 2006

MySpace Page

I'm just getting the hang of this, so here goes friends...

At the myspace page I uploaded another alternate concept Hero Tomorrow poster from a couple of years ago. This one featured Perren Hedderson.

It's in the 'pics' section on the site ; - l

Monday, July 10, 2006

First Review!

NEWSARAMA - One of the biggest sites on Comic Book news - just posted a review by writer/reviewer Michael San Giacomo. Check it out!