Friday, February 23, 2007

Cleveland International Film Festival

Hero Tomorrow will have its hometown debut at the 31st annual Cleveland International Film Festival.

This year the fest will be showing over 120 features and more than 110 shorts, representing nearly 60 countries. We are so honored to be included, and can’t wait to get this cast & crew together for an ultra cool midnight screening.

If you go to the Festival website at our entry can be found under the categories, American Independents, Local Heroes, & Midnight Snacks.

Tickets go on sale today for Cleveland Film Society members, and on March 2nd for non-members.

Contact Info:
Cleveland Film Society

HT Screening Times
Friday, March 16
Midnight – Code HERT16

Sunday, March 18
11:45 AM – Code HERT18
Running Time 93 Minutes

Tower City Cinemas
230 West Huron Road,
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

See you in Cleveland, and please keep an eye right here on the blog and
myspace page for the latest news and party info!

YouTube Page - Save the Squid...

We finally added some new videos online, and you can see them all on our new Youtube page

1. The Hero Tomorrow Trailer

2. ManiaTV interview from Comic Con International. This piece still runs periodically on the ManiaTV live channel, and now features a new opening scene with dozens of new HT shots peppered throughout. (All these vids are also available on our Hero Tomorrow ManiaTV Channel.)

3. G4 Network’s Attack of the Show Comic Con HT segment.

4. In one of our early focus groups Cleveland filmmaker Robert Banks thought it might be a good idea to start the film with this next scene. We decided to leave it where it was, but then at MidOhioCon there was high demand for us to put it online. So now - for those who choose to click - it can be that first moment.
Hero Tomorrow - The Squid Scene

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ray McNiece on the Jamden

At Commercial Recording Studios we’ve began a live original music podcast show entitled THE JAMDEN. We recently had Ray McNiece, who plays HT’s Larry – the comic shop owner, perform with his band Tongue-N-Groove.

Ray is an incredible wordsmith, and when you hear him spin yarns on Cleveland, New Orleans, Iraq, and Jack Kerouac you can’t help but be entertained, inspired, sometimes angered, but always impressed. It's an awesome performance, and the only snag was that the regular JAMDEN host had a family emergency, and yours truly ended up filling in - but check it out anyway!

Also click on the Episode 003 which features Hero Tomorrow’s house band Anti-Septic and their manager Zeke played by Adam Muskiewicz.

Delusions Shoot

Several weeks ago the Hero Tomorrow crew got together to shoot something besides Hero Tomorrow. Actress/writer Darlena Roberts, who has worked on various Hollywood productions (including stunt double for Donna Murphy in Spider-Man 2), wrote a short screenplay entitled “Delusions.” She was planning to shoot in Cleveland, but ran into a scheduling conflict with the intended crew. A series of calls wove it’s way from her Aunt to my Mom, and we ended up connecting on the project.

It's a really cool film, and the knockout cast also included HT's Brian Richeson (congrats on the engagement), and another very talented actress in Peggy Gibbons. The film is currently in the editing stage, but Darlena was kind enough to zap us out some stills and a very nice email.

“The film looks amazing!! It looks like we spent a million dollars. I couldn't be happier about the whole experience.”
~ Darlena Roberts

Delusions synopsis:
Renowned child psychiatrist Judith Morgan lives the perfect life in the perfect house with her perfect daughter and is perfectly unaware that she is losing her mind. When an unexpected visitor on their doorstep breaks the facade of perfection, Judith thinks she has no choice but to demand complete control over her daughter…No matter what the cost.