Thursday, April 27, 2006


We had two fantastic focus groups in April. The first was held on April 5th at the Massillon Museum, and was set up by Alex Nicholas and moderated by filmmaker Mandy Altimus. The showing put HT in front of a very hip and informed film group that meets once a month. Individual questionnaires, recordings of the discussion, and a brief Q&A combined to give us invaluable information about HT.

With that feedback in hand we were then able to do some fixes for the next focus group held at the IFP Chicago. The viewing's discussion proved to be very insightful as well. Our thanks goes out to Molly Hansen, the outreach coordinator at IFP, who has been extremely supportive of HERO TOMORROW since she first checked it out a couple of months ago. It was also great to see in attendance comic book artist Art Baltazaar. Art donated some comics for the HT comic shop scenes. You can see Art’s work here. Patrick the Wolf Boy

Next for HT...

We're as anxious as anyone to get this thing finito, but we realize it's going to be well worth the extra time and energy to finish it proper. Overall we’re extremely happy with the feedback we received – the majority of it was positive, but we also see some opportunities to smooth the flow and convey information differently in several areas. Milo and I had a great and rare chance to brainstorm for 12 plus hours on the car ride to and from Chicago, and we’re looking forward to implementing a few new ideas.

Thanks to everyone who has voted us into the top ranked trailers on the IFC ;- l


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