Monday, April 17, 2006

Rough Cut Focus Group in Chicago at IFP

IFP Chicago will be hosting a "Rough Cut" screening of Hero Tomorrow, Thursday April 20th at 6:30 PM.

1104 South Wabash, Room 302
Chicago, Illinois 60605

Free for members, $5 for all others.


IFP (Independent Feature Project) is the leading resource of the American independent film movement today. Its 9,000 filmmaker and film industry members participate year-round in activities ranging from popular screenings to cutting-edge workshops and seminars. Offering invaluable assistance, information and access to the world of independent film, IFP programs help members make connections, and find out the latest on who's who, who's buying, who's financing and who's making what features, shorts and documentaries.

Last year IFP Chicago started a program called "ROUGH CUTS" which offers members a chance to screen near-completed projects for the Chicago filmmaking community. After the screening, the filmmaker will have a chance to receive audience feedback. The program seeks to nourish talented artists, and to encourage them in realizing their projects' fullest potentials through critique and collaboration with the audience.

Hero Tomorrow is the sixth feature to be selected since the program began last August.

See ya there! ;-l


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