Wednesday, March 22, 2006

HT Trailer is up on the IFC Channel Website!

The IFC Channel has started a program called MEDIA LAB. It’s mission… ‘View and rank films from independent filmmakers, upload your own films, compete for a chance to screen your film on IFC, and much more!’ Please take a moment to log in and vote for the HT Trailer! ;- l
Main site: IFC Media Lab

IFC Hero Tomorrow Page

We’re also honored to be included in a very cool Italian website “SUPERHEROES LIVES.” This is probably most comprehensive comic-book film oriented website ever made. Click on the “ORIGINALS” section and then scroll to the bottom. We’re in the ‘COMING SOON’ area, and there’s a whole page on HT with screen grabs from the trailer. The rest of the site offers a glorious stroll down memory lane. Ah yes, the 1979 made-for-TV Captain America movie - where his mask was basically a motorcycle helmet, and his shield looked like tupperware. I cried myself to sleep that night.


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