Sunday, March 05, 2006

Would you buy a used comic from this man?

Answer: Only if you're smart, cool, or lookin' for a deal.

If you find you need comics in the Cleveland area be sure to call B&L Comics (440-886-3077) and talk with Larry Zjaba. Besides playing the part of Ty, he helped us stock the HERO TOMORROW store full of racks, boxes, and books, and his car is also used in the film as David’s car. Larry Zjaba - A comic dealer you can trust - don't be fooled by the tough guy photo, he's as nice a person as you'll meet. AND one more odd coincidence… unbeknownst to us, Larry’s brother once owned another comic shop in Cleveland called “TOMORROW’S HEROES, so ya C it was all meant ta B,

PS. Larry, don't forget to pull that 'Nova-The Human Rocket' relaunch for me ;- l


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