Monday, July 28, 2008

My Shoot with LeBron James and Jill Greenberg

And now for something completely different...

On June 18th
Time Magazine came to Akron Ohio to do an interview with LeBron James about his captaining the US Olympic Men's Basketball team. Through an amazing series of last minute phone calls (both to Telos Productions and Commercial Recording,) yours truly got to watch the whole thing from behind the video camera.

LeBron is such an impressive dude. He knocks down questions - tough questions - completely unfazed, and seems extremely grounded for his over-abundance of athletic gifts. At one point he even offered to grab Jeff and I a couple Vitamin Waters.

They also requested filming/documenting the still photo shoot session with Lebron for the cover of the mag (on sale now.) The unexpected bonus to that was witnessing mega-prolific photographer Jill Greenberg in action. The shoot was fun on exponential levels. Check out for numerous examples of Jill's amazingly slick work.

When I sent the raw footage to Time I pleaded with them to let me cut a featurette version of the cover shoot. The four minute result titled "Making the Shot" is now online at the Time website.
Please shekidoout.

"Making the Shot"


Blogger Unknown said...

You are the Greatest for shooting that video documentation. There are only two others on the web and they show far less.

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