Wednesday, March 19, 2008

About that New Cut...

Over the past six months I've learned a ton about color correction and different techniques for changing the mood and technical problems within scenes. Even though I'm truly -God knows - ready to be done with HT post production, I knew it would be an incredible diservice if I didn't go back to the workstation one more time and add some 'shrimp' to the Apama pasta.

Example 1 shows the actor Nathan Gurr in a shot where he's clearly underexposed compared to his mask. This was partially intentional, but it's a bit farther apart than I would have liked. In the past I might have tried to brighten the whole image to compensate for the problem which would have made the mask way too bright. Some of the new tools allow for selective brightening of areas which help the second shot in a nice subtle way.

Example 2 is from a fantasy sequence. Here I was able to push the look of the whole scene into a more comic book looking motif.

Examples 3 and 4 feature the lovely and talented John Persuric and Jocelyn Wrzosek. In this scene I was able to take footage that was a bit too realistic looking and turn it into something far more fitting for a nightmare.

At some point this year I vow to be DONE with this film, and a DVD will be out. Sorry for all these delays, but it's been an incredible education at every possible turn. Almost every scene has undergone a bit of a facelift, so for now we're quite anxious to show it to an audience on the big screen in Akron.

Best wishes!


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