Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa Fe Recap

Santa Fe is a gorgeous place. The fest was great. The parties were even better. Hangin' with Mr. Perren Hedderson is always a pleasure, but adding Perren's father Bruce, who also made the trek, was a double hoot. Met a lot of very talented folks including the great Alan Cumming. He received a Maverick Award this year, and his new film Suffering Man's Charity was one of the few flicks I actually got to see on this short trip - a crazy wonderful film. He was gracious enough to spend almost 40 minutes in Q & A with the audience after the piece. It was there I got an autograph for my wife who considers Alan one of - if not the - best male actors in the biz right now - tough to argue that one. Then... our film's second screening was happening during the last part of the award ceremony, and when I walked out he was standing right there. I got to give him a copy of HT, and told him how especially moved I was by his film's nutty reference to Akron - and of course his Nightcrawler which was spot on.


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