Friday, May 23, 2008

That's what I should have said...!

So I'm sitting in the Crown Plaza Hotel for breakfast at Motor City Con, and who enters but the Margot Kidder. She looks at the buffet and asks the host, "Is it possible to get a banana or just some fruit?" I looked up at her, straightened my tie and said, "Ahem, wouldn't you rather have orange juice - freshly squeezed?" at which point the entire crowd fell out of their chairs in laughter.

Okay, maybe I didn't actually say those exact words. Nor was I wearing a tie. Maybe, in fact, all I did was tell the guy next to me, "Um... I think that's Lois Lane." picking my chin up from the floor.

Highlights from Motor City Con included Gary Hermann showing up with a broken nose; Jocelyn Wrzosek beating some kid bloody all over the convention floor; me purchasing the long coveted Bowens Mysterio statue (Diane was so impressed she asked if I still had the sales receipt); Gary introducing us to Mr. Lou Ferigno; Knocking down many drinks with the guys from The Bastard Squad; Jocelyn tearing down the house down with her Karaoke version of "White Rabbit, and myself subsequently clearing the room with a gag-reflex version of The Lady is a Tramp; Margot Kidder actually stopping at the Hero Tomorrow table complimenting us on our trailer; And all those fantastic costumes!


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