Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nothing Like Vaudeville

Back in the early 90s my brother Kurt and I had an original rock band called Nothing Like Vaudeville that recorded a concept album. The tagline read "Somewhere in the 1920s a runaway freak clashed with bizarre mob violence and a diabolical ringmaster."

At some point it seemed that this concept album would be better served as a stage production. In November of 94 "Nothing Like Vaudeville - The Musical" opened in Cleveland at the Phantasy Theater.

After the show's initial run we went into the studio to record a demo with audio engineer Chris Keffer. When the demo was completed it was sent to Michael Kerker of ASCAP publishing who suggested that it be released as an original cast album.

The disc was subsequently picked up for international distribution by Original Cast Records and scored some rock solid reviews. The show was next retooled in 1999 for a run at Daytona Beach Community College directed by Derek Mason.

This video is a trailer for the original cast album. I had a great time putting it together using Magic Bullet Looks filters to give it that dirty old time film look.

Hero Tomorrow's Tara Kamman makes an appearance at around the 2 minute mark.


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