Sunday, October 04, 2009

DVD Release Date

The Hero Tomorrow DVD is available on our website now, and as of February 16th, 2010 it will be for sale on ITunes - ending the longest rollout of a feature film perhaps umm.. jeez maybe ever. There were a bunch of things -- crazy, beautiful, expensive, disappointing, enlightening --things (which I won't get into right now) that happened over the last couple years delaying the HT release.

People keep asking us about distribution. Well, we did get several distribution offers, and I'm truly honored that anyone in this tough market/economy was interested in taking on our film. However, during our festival run I spoke with so many filmmakers that were dissatisfied with their distributors. Story after horrific story... filmmaker signs deal - never sees a penny - or worse - signs deal - puts film in coffin. So while it would have been great to say "Hey everybody - we got a distributor!" the reality is that the numbers just didn't add up - at least not for us.

It's a new day for indie filmmakers. We can make our own deals and partnerships with sweet sites like Filmbaby, Amazon, Itunes - the list grows every day. We're also about to launch this kick ass Apama spin-off comic book. Right now it makes sense for us to retain all the rights.

We're very proud of how Hero Tomorrow came out and honored beyond our wildest imagination at the hundreds of people (actors, crew, extras, friends, family, musicians, comic book publishers, writers, artists, video compositors, location owners) who have come to be involved.

The recent feedback on the final cut of the film and all the DVD extras has been amazing.
It some weird way it feels like we're just ramping up, so I just want to say one more time - thanks so much for all the support and please stay tuned - we won't let you down.



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