Friday, February 23, 2007

YouTube Page - Save the Squid...

We finally added some new videos online, and you can see them all on our new Youtube page

1. The Hero Tomorrow Trailer

2. ManiaTV interview from Comic Con International. This piece still runs periodically on the ManiaTV live channel, and now features a new opening scene with dozens of new HT shots peppered throughout. (All these vids are also available on our Hero Tomorrow ManiaTV Channel.)

3. G4 Network’s Attack of the Show Comic Con HT segment.

4. In one of our early focus groups Cleveland filmmaker Robert Banks thought it might be a good idea to start the film with this next scene. We decided to leave it where it was, but then at MidOhioCon there was high demand for us to put it online. So now - for those who choose to click - it can be that first moment.
Hero Tomorrow - The Squid Scene


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